Bhimashankar Temple

Apart from being a trekking site,  Bhimashankar has its mythological value in Hinduism. It is considered as one of the 12 Jyotirlinga sites of Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. It is almost 130 kilometres away from Pune and took us a little more than 3hours to reach there without any break. I booked Ola outstation for … Continue reading Bhimashankar Temple

South Goa Beaches

This was my 5th time in Goa and in my defense all I can say is when my Company sponsored our hotel stay, I could not afford to miss it. I have been to North Goa, Panjim and extreme North Goa. I have heard about the beauty of South Goa so much that although our … Continue reading South Goa Beaches

Ganapati Festival 2018 in Pune

Ganapati Festival does all the justice when we say that it is the biggest celebration in Maharashtra. For 10 days, all the lanes and localities of Pune are decorated with the vibes of celebration. The roads are decorated with lights and pandals can be spotted in every corner. The celebration of birth of Ganapati, one … Continue reading Ganapati Festival 2018 in Pune

Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Have you ever heard of a place where classrooms are beyond walls, boundaries and are set up just under trees? Shantiniketan has its own school, colleges and university (Bisva Bharati) where students sit in the lap of nature (no, it's not because of poverty). That’s how students are taught to get close to mother earth. … Continue reading Shantiniketan, West Bengal

5 Reasons to Avoid Goa in December-January

Every place wears different attires based on time. The beauty of Western Ghat during rainy season is way more different than the beauty of snow-clad mountains of Himachal during winter. Similarly you get to see a different verse of coastal areas based on when you are visiting the place. Disclaimer: Only if you want to … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Avoid Goa in December-January