Love Is a Tricky Thing Part-II

Oye Mohul, assignment karke laya hain na?”, Rishav asked Mohul which means, “Have you done the assignment?”

“Yes. Samar is copying. Take it from him.”

“Okay. Thank you, brother.”

Mohul smiled at Rishav.

That is Mohul, the hero of my story. Let me help you to imagine him. From the above conversation you know that he is very helpful. For his behavior he is loved by everyone (from teachers to students) but doesn’t have many friends. He is tall, dark but not handsome. He is a simple, sweet guy whose (short term) goal in life is to come 1st in class. His life moves around family and school. Till now he never came second when it comes to study. And in the case of other extracurricular activities, he is in the top three list. So you think his life is perfect? He thought it too! But then here comes the heroine of the story! Aryahi!

Aryahi is the cutest girl of class IX-A. The only matter which comes to Mohul’s mind beside study is Aryahi! How can someone look like a doll in that white shirt-blue skirt uniform! How can someone make Mohul happy just by smiling at him! And above all how can’t someone pretty like her understand what Mohul feels for her! The thing is that Mohul is so shy that he can’t express his feelings to Aryahi.images (17)

Actually Mohul and Aryahi are poles apart from each other. Where Mohul is a calm, cool minded boy, Aryahi is a happy-go-lucky person. Where Mohul loves to stay all by himself, Aryahi is always surrounded by her friends. Where Mohul is very serious about his studies, Aryahi comes to the list of last 10 students of IX-A.

Yes, this is a story about ‘opposites attract’. Though Mohul’s mother has instructed him not to lose his focus from study, Aryahi has caught his attention unknowingly!

The problem with Mohul is neither can he share his feelings with others nor can he tolerate that most of the boys of his class are in the queue of uttering “Aryahi, I love you”.




“I missed the previous class of K.P.Sir. Can you give me the notes?”

Before looking up at Riddhi, Mohul gave a quick look at Aryahi. Again she was making fun of Puja Ma’am with her friends.

“Yeah. Sure. But I don’t have them with me right now. You mind if I give it to you tomorrow?” he replied.

Riddhi said,” Do you mind if I come over to your place this afternoon to take it? I have some problems in Maths too. Can you please help me?”

Mohul knew that Riddhi was a good student. She actually didn’t need anyone’s help.

“Riddhi, I’ll be busy.”

“Please Mohul. It’ll take maximum 30 minutes.”

Mohul stopped arguing and said, ”Okay. Come then.”

Riddhi winked at him and replied, “Wait for me dude. I am coming.”

Mohul’s glass almost slipped from his nose.



It was 5:30pm, when the bell rang. Mohul opened the door and Riddhi came in. They sat in Mohul’s room.

“Boy, you have got a big room! Have you read all of these books?” said Riddhi and without waiting for his reply she said again,” You are such a book worm!”

“Show me your Math problems. And here are the notes you asked for.”

“Uffoh! I’ve just come! Why are you always in hurry?”

“I have to study,Riddhi. Show me your Math problems.”

“Umm…Actually I don’t have problems in Maths. The problem is you.”

“Me? What are you saying?”

“Let me put this straight to you. Mohul, I love you.”brunette_love_triangle_by_callyie_chan-d68l597


“What what? I love you, Dumbo!”

“I am sorry Riddhi. I don’t feel anything special for you.”

Chatterbox Riddhi kept quiet for some time then she asked, “Is it Aryahi?”

“What are you saying?”

“Is it Aryahi for whom you are rejecting me?”

“No. She doesn’t have anything to do with it. Why are you dragging her in this?”

“Ahh! So it is her! You like her. Right?”

Mohul could not say anything at that moment.

“Look Mohul, I have seen how you look at her often in the classroom. She may not notice you, but I do.”

Then she blasted the bomb!

“You are rejecting me for her. If you are not going to tell her about your feelings by tomorrow then I’ll tell everyone that Mr. Smarty Pants is in love but he can’t say it. And you know what is going to happen after that.”

Mohul got dumbstruck!

He started to stammer,”B..butwhy you want to d…do that?”

“Because you have rejected me and I am not going to let you go just like that!”

For the first time Mohul Dey was in trouble! Big time!




“….I’ll tell everyone that Mr. Smarty Pants is in love but he can’t say it. And you know what is going to happen after that.”

He knew what would happen after that. Friends were going to make fun of him! His image was in trouble! And If somehow her mother came to know about it, he would be dead very soon!

Mohul couldn’t study all evening. And he even could not sleep at night!




Finally, after thinking a lot, Mohul decided to tell Aryahi about his feelings. Physics and Maths seemed easier to him than this proposing thing!

When he entered the class room, Riddhi came up to him and said, “Are you ready big boy?”

Mohul turned away his face angrily.

And then suddenly Riddhi called Aryahi,”Oi Aryahi. Mohul has something to tell you.”

Mohul was shocked by her action and when he looked at Riddhi, She again winked at him!

“This crazy wicked girl surely wanted to kill him!”, he thought.

In the meanwhile, Riddhi had vanished.

“Yes, Mohul. Say.”

“Ahh! Again that smile!”, Mohul thought and then said,”Please come outside the class. I need to tell you something.”

They came to the staircase leading to the roof. And Mohul  again started to stammer, “L..listenT..A..Aryahi, I…I was t..thinking……I..I..want to…t..tell..yout..that..A…a..actually…”

“I love you too, Mohul!”

“W-h-a-t a-r-e y-o-u s-a-y-i-n-g?”, Mohul was flying in the lovers

“So, are you not going to propose me? Ohh God… I thought you were going to propose me!… That is why I expressed my feeling!…Shit!…I am so sorry…. Now what should I do?”

“”, Mohul tried to explain.

“Yes, yes. You don’t love me. I got it. Ohh dear God! I should have not done that.”

Mohul was looking at her. Suddenly he hugged her and whispered in her ears, “I love you.”





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