8 Things Engineers Do After Getting A Job

You are an Engineer and have got your first job, here are few things you are gonna do or have already done!

1. The Feeling!

The immense hard work you have done to copy assignments and the team work you have shown in the exam hall for 4 long years, finally pay off. You do not have to struggle anymore. You can do whatever you want with the money you will be earning. This is one of the best feelings.


2. Plan for Goa

If you have been to Goa already, then the case may be slightly different. But if you are not, no matter if you really can afford time or money, no matter where your workplace is (even if you are sent to the Himalayas), you just got to have a plan for Goa.


3. Facebook Posts

It’s like a chain system.
First you update your status regarding getting the job-> then getting the offer letter-> (if the workplace is somewhere else) leaving your hometown-> first day at work -> your first salary and it continues.
Even I have done that.

images (2)

4. So you have missed my FB statuses regarding job?

Here comes my DP with the “Patta”, in my workplace!


5. The shopping List

I have got my salary. Now I have my own money (which seems a lot for the first few days only). Now I can buy Moon.


6. Gifts

So till now I have imagined to gift my parents this, gift my Girlfriend/Boyfriend that! Time to execute!


7. Waiting for Friday

No, it’s definitely not Sunday or Saturday. Friday is the day that gives you the awesome feeling of having two days of freedom.

images (1)

8. Hairstyle

This is especially for girls. As you are now earning money, you can do whatever with your hair by that money. And we girls have hell lot of options like straitening, perming, highlighting or simply try a new haircut.


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