Not A Mother

IMG-20150816-WA0030.1That innocent face, that smile in her sleep, those big eyelashes, those pink lips, those tiny fingers. I saw her for the first time. I kissed her on her nose. Her nose! At least she got something from me. She was making faces in her dream.
“She is so tiny and cute!So soft.”, I whispered.

In the meanwhile the two-months-old woke up, looked at me and started to laugh! As if she had met an old companion after a long time. The baby girl had just learnt to laugh. Suddenly she started to throw her legs in the air. As soon as I touched her feet, she got a support and stopped. After playing on my lap for a while, she started to cry so her mother and my elder sister took her away from me to feed her. I could feel the bond they were sharing with each other.

My motherhood cried inside. I knew I could never be a mother.

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