One Day Well Spent- 1st January, 2016

It was 1st January, 2016 and I was in the bus from Pune to Navi Mumbai. This time I was going to Riya’s place instead of Suku’s flat (People who don’t know Suku, please check the introduction part of “”).

When you have Sukarna Mondal aka Riya as your hostess, it is obvious that there will be food. Lots and Lots of foods.  You must be wondering who she is. Let me introduce you to her.

Sukarna aka Riya: She is a Page3 reporter by profession. We were neighbors at our native place and I know her from my childhood. She is an excellent emcee and somehow we are very close now rather than we were back at Durgapur. Distance makes friends closer than you can think.


That is Riya on the left and me

Let’s get back to the story.

When I reached there at afternoon, I was all sweaty. It was hard to believe that it was winter. Mumbai doesn’t get bothered much; it has its own seasons. Riya came to welcome me at her flat. Her roommate went to Sri lanka so it was her and me. As soon as I reached there, she switched herself to ‘Perfect host’ mode and within 15 minutes of my entry in the flat, I got Parathas and Egg Omelette which was delectable.

The next two hours we spent on prattling. Meanwhile we ordered ‘Jumbo Chicken Rice Feast’ from FAASO’S. I find their Reshmi Kebabs very toothsome.

In the evening we planned to go to Hiranandani Estate. This is a huge extravagant locality which was alluringly decorated on the occasion of New Year. So we reached there near about 8 o’clock in the evening. I was wonderstruck to see the beautifully decorated locality.

20160101_210403It looked like that as if all the stars had come down to glitter the entire road.


Then we started to click pictures.


That is us again.

It took a while to come back to present. Then we went to ‘Mad Over Donuts’ to have evening snacks.


I was full. So I took Hot Chocolate and Riya took Chocolate Decadence and Cappuccino.

Then we started to roam around the place.


It seemed that the entire area was flooded with lights.

After 2 hours of chit-chat and walk, we headed towards “Chilli’s” to have dinner. I have always loved their ambiance and choice of music.


For appetizers we ordered Classic Nachos with Fajita Chicken and Lemon Moji-tea. Although we failed to finish it, it was very palatable. So we skipped the main course and jumped to Desserts.


We ordered Chocolate Chip Paradise pie. This is my personal favorite. That melting ice cream on the pie gave me a heavenly feeling each time I had it. The name is very accurate.

It was already 12 o’clock when we left the restaurant. So we decided to come back at home.

I had a wonderful day. It is always a delight for me to meet old friends and when the person is Riya, the meeting has to be full of exhilaration. I stayed at her place for two more days. I can’t thank her enough for the way she took care of me.

P.S.: She made Golgappes for me. 😛


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