Daily Dose of Desserts

“A balanced diet is having a cupcake in each hand.”

If you have found your true love in food (especially in desserts), if you are not among those diet-conscious, gym-freak persons and if your cravings for desserts do not understand time, that above mentioned quote is for you, my friend and here I am to delight you with the idea of more than 7 desserts for 7 days. Screw diet. All you need is to be happy and desserts are something that can definitely make anyone happy any time.

To get over your Monday Morning Blues, you need something crisp and something saucy to moist the dryness of the day. “Waffle with Belgian Chocolate Spread” is the best option in this case. Sweetness of the rich chocolate sauce will definitely melt your heart and that slightly salted waffle will give you the crunch you need to wake up.

Waffle with Belgian Chocolate Spread. The Waffles Hut. Price: Rs.120/- (Half) Rs.180/- (Full) (almost).















After having a chocolate-burst-day, your taste buds want something else. How about having Red Velvet Cheese Cake on Tuesday?












You have survived the halfway and this calls for celebration.  If you are chocolate addicted, what is better than a chocolate mousse in your world? Run to nearby confectionery and order Chocolate Mousse.


Chocolate Mousse. The Concerto Residentia, Durgapur Price: Within Rs.150/- (almost).

You know weekend is just around the corner. Yet you have to work. To energize yourself, you need something healthy! Hence, Apple Pie! Ta-da! It takes care of your physical as well as mental health. An Apple Pie a day, keeps mood swings away.



Friday is the last working day of the week and you need a ‘Shubharambh’ of your weekend. What about Cheese Cake?  Doesn’t that rich and whipped cheese cake over strawberry sauce prepare you to have a great weekend?


Cheese Cake. Chili’s. Price: Rs.375/- (almost).






What about a Sizzling brownie on Saturday? The brownie is wet in boiling chocolate sauce with a vanilla ice cream scoop on top of it. Sounds mouthwatering? Rush to Mainland China and order ‘Brownie with Hot Chocolate Sauce’. A word of caution: It’s too hot to handle. 😉


Brownie with Hot Chocolate Sauce. Mainland China. Price: Rs.200/- (almost).










To have a wonderful end to your weekend you must try ‘Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie’ of Chili’s. The bar has surprises like chocolate chips and walnut hidden into it. With the Vanilla ice cream scoop on top of it, it is decorated with caramel and fudge. You will definitely remember the delectable taste of it for a long time.


Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie. Chili’s. Price: Rs.375/- (almost).

If you still want more, you can always have Cup cakes, Pastries and Doughnuts (though I am not a fan of Doughnuts).

To be honest there is no specific day for desserts. If you have sweet tooth you can always have what you want.

P.S.:Being a Bengali, I can’t forget about Bengali Sweets. Among all those incredible sweets (like Rossogolla, Kachagolla, Sandesh and many more), one specific fusion dessert must be mentioned and that is ‘Notun Gurer Ice cream’ (Jaggery flavored ice cream) of Bhojohori Manna. This ice cream is irreplaceable and I have never had anything which can beat that heavenly taste.


P.S.: The prices  may differ.

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