Do Good, Feel Great

When some of you are uploading colourful pictures of yours on the occasion of Holi, I thought of posting a new blog.

Why did I choose to blog about this day spent amazingly 8 months ago?

The reason is that day we painted some dreams.

1I have been associated with Blossom since I joined this company. Blossom is a Tier 2 NGO. Tier 2 NGOs have not been  due diligenced by GiveIndia, but they meet legal criteria for charitable organizations as stipulated by the Government.

When I heard they are organizing Classroom painting event, I got very enthusiastic about this.

18th June,2015

We all gathered in one of our office buildings and we started our journey towards Sant Gadge Primary School, Kondhwa at 11.30 am.

When we reached there I was dejected to see the state of the school building. As it was Saturday and the school was empty, it looked like a haunted house. The walls of the building were dirty and there were marks of spitting here and there in the classrooms.

We started with two classrooms for that day. These were of Class VII-A and Class VII-B. Our responsibility started with cleaning the walls and it was the most hectic task we did that day. It took almost two hours to rub the wall for cleaning.



Then we took a lunch break. While we came back we saw the only professional painter was white washing the walls. We waited a little for it to dry. First we planned what to do in those 4 walls then we jumped into painting.

Here was the plan:

Wall 1: The blackboard was hanging in this wall. We did not have much space. So on right side of the board we painted 9 superhero characters and on the left, we painted one Minion.



5Wall 2: There were 3-4 windows in this wall and the space left in here was very little. So we thought of drawing random images here.

6Wall 3: On the opposite of wall 2,  we drew Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Wall 4: It was the opposite wall of Wall 1.  We planned to paint a big Tree in a garden and the leaves of the tree were supposed to be our hand prints.

I was mainly engaged in painting the Wall 4 and the outcome was like this:


We were supposed to complete the entire activity withing 4.30 pm but we extended till 6.30 pm for the finishing touch.

The tag line of Blossom is ‘do good feel great’. When I was painting the logo, I could feel the happiness of doing good for those children who would get the nice surprise on the next Monday. There might be restrictions in their financial situations but there should not be any restriction in their dreams. I got the opportunity to work with amazing people with amazing souls. This was one of the best weekend spent in Pune.


All the images are captured by Kanika Sood and Kaustuv Ghosh

2 thoughts on “Do Good, Feel Great

  1. Amazimg!! Why don’t you post this on Blossom portal??? We need writers like you to come forward and share the joy of doing good and feeling great which could inspire lot of people in Amdocs. Please do post it!!

    Trust me I can very well relate to the feeling that you must have had. There are such small acts which brings in a lot of difference to the confidence and joys of the small kids. They don’t understand what money is but their dreams need to be nurtured for they just need that! Must say every act that you would have put in brings about a lot of happiness and is very humbling.

    Oops my comment seems to be getting longer than your post. 🙂
    Will wrap up by just saying Do Good, Feel Great! 🙂

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