Topsy-Turvy: When ‘Do Not Contact’ calls (Part1)

“This is getting on my nerves! This is crazy!”, Rushana exclaimed.

“Now what?”, Prisha gave her a bored look.

Rushana knew the next word would cause a mini bomb blast but then she just had to let it out. As low as possible she uttered, “Tanoj.”

To her surprise, Prisha burst out laughing.

“Come on Prisha! This phase has to end! Why is this getting dragged like a chewing gum?”

“You know you are stupid, right?”

Rushana tried to get mad at Prisha but as currently she was dealing with another sort of emotion, she preferred not to. That would be too much for her. Instead she gave a stern look.

Prisha asked, “Did I say anything wrong? You are still calling it a phase.”

“Let’s not make a big deal out of it. It’s a phase. It will go away!”

“Keep lying to yourself and see if it helps.”


“Don’t you give me that look!  You know what happened there.”

“I know I am the bad one here.”

“No. You are not bad. You are confused and stupid. Probably you are the stupidest in my circle.”

“How bad will you make me feel? I know I did the stupidest thing possible!”

“Yes. That guy was deeply in love with you for the past 2 years and what did you do? You ignored him! Completely!”

“You know that I can’t handle multiple things at the same time and career has always been my priority. Moreover I was not ready for a relationship.”

“So you are telling me that it took you 2 years just to be ready for a relationship?”

“There was no point to keep him in the hook when I was not sure even.”

“Now that he has moved on, you are stuck on him?”

Rushana mumbled, “I… I don’t … Yes.”

“Do you hear yourself? You sound like a terrible person.”

“I did terrible things to him, Prisha.”

Rushana had teary eyes when she said this.

“Come on, Babe! It’s fine. Shit happens. It doesn’t make you a terrible person.”

“I messed it up completely.”, Rushana broke down in tears.

“Yes. I agree. Let’s try to fix it. Have you ever even told him about your current so called ‘phase’?”

“Umm…Kind of…Yes… Twice.”

“And what did he reply?”

“The first time he did not believe it. He laughed it off and the second time he told me to move on bluntly.”

“Like you did many times in past two years.”

“Our timing was never right.”

“Just accept that you are a pretty faced dumbo.”

“Fine. I am the dumbest girl in this universe.”

“Now you are talking! I am loving this conversation.  Anyway are you two in talking terms?”

“No. I blocked him in Facebook and Whatsapp.”

“F…F… Why on earth did you do that Rushana?”

“To get out of the phase! When it started, I just used to think about him. Last night I dreamt about him! It is driving me crazy!”

“Damn! Stop calling it a phase now. You are in love with that guy whom you rejected for 2 long years because you were confused. Karma does find her way, no?”

“Shut up, Prisha. You are not helping.”

“You are simply hopeless.”

“I am not going to continue this conversation anymore. I have to get ready for work.”


Just when Rushana entered the washroom, her phone rang.

Prisha grabbed to hand it over to Rushana when she read the name flashing on the screen.

“Who the hell is ‘Do Not Contact’? You psycho can only save contacts like this!”

A hand came out of the washroom to snatch the phone away from Prisha. Before the door got shut, she heard, “It’s Tanoj, duh!”

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