The people who have been in Pune or are still in Pune, know about this next level urbanisation named Lavasa.

My mother and Aunty were in town and I thought of taking them to Lavasa. it is situated almost 70 kms away from where I stay in Pune. This time my mother, aunty and two of my friends (Soham and Rupa) started the journey at 2 pm which is NOT the ideal time to go. It was very hot outside and took us 2.5 hours to reach there. On the way we stopped for tea.

The Italian based architecture stood proudly in front of us.

They are my Mother (in Red) and my Aunty.

I love this picture of Rupa.

As soon as the cover of hills are crossed, the city manifests itself like a pleasant surprise. Lavasa is wrapped in viridescent hills that makes it sprightly.

When we were visiting the place it reminded me of how epic our first trip to Lavasa was. It started with Ashish’s birthday (most of our wonderful experiences start with Suku and Ashish). The birthday celebration got over early. Although it was already late, someone popped the idea of going to Lavasa. There were 3 bikes and 6 people: Mustafa, Arnab, Soham, Ashish, Suku and Me. The journey began around 4pm.

The road that leads to Lavasa was beautiful enough to keep us entertained.

We stopped at Varasgaon Dam.

It was already cloudy and when we started from the Dam, it started to rain heavily. The steep roads have dangerous turning points. It was almost dark and we were drenched. There was a point when Arnab asked Soham to stop the bike and push it from behind. We took a number breaks on the way as it was impossible to go further.

Somehow we managed to reach to our destination. It was dark and we were shivering. The city lights were sparkling like diamonds.

The entire city seems to be decorated with jewels.

The planned beautification of the city is good enough to mesmerise on the first view.

The red-yellow buildings have their own radiance.

We spent there an hour or two. While coming back the entire road was dark. There were no lights at a long stretch. On the top of everything, it started to rain again. You have to drive based on your intuition. When we entered Pune, we were hungry, cold and were craving for hot beverages but most importantly we reached safely.
It was an experience of a life time.

From left: Soham, Ashish, Sukanya, Me, Mustafa and Arnab.

On the ending note I would like to add if you are rich enough, go to Lavasa, spend the weekend over there (because what I have seen, the hotels are pretty costly) and enjoy the view which almost gives you feel of a European city. There are restaurants and a number of options for sports to pass time. If you are an avid bike rider, visit the way which leads to Lavasa once. It is worth. But keep safety first in mind.


Place: Lavasa Lake City

Attraction: A city based on Italian town, Portofino.

Distance from Pune: 70km

Time: 2hours

P.S.: They have increased the tickets of entry to Rs.500/-.

Here we are: the photographer and the blogger (In case you are confused, the photographer is the guy).

16 thoughts on “Lavasa

  1. Thank you Jashodhara for this blog. I did not know about the place. I had heard about it. I could see it through the wonderful capture by your lens. Wish to visit the replica of the Italian city in future. It brings to my mind the very thought that our country India is a place of wonder.


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