IMG_20170326_083317825What do you expect on weekends? 2 days without office/work, sleep till afternoon or other plans.

But what if you have to wake up early in the morning to meet office people on Saturday?Frustrating, right? Not for us. At least not on one weekend, 25th March, 2017. Reason? It was our team event at Wildernest Resort.


Wildernest is situated at a distance of 27 kilometers from Magarpatta, Pune. We started at 9.30am and reached there by 10.45am.  Thanks to one of our team-leads, Mitesh who arranged breakfast for odd 20 people before we started.

The best part about this place is we could greet Sinhagarh fort from our rooms. From our balcony we could see Sinhagarh fort like a crown on the top of the hill.


The resort is beautifully decorated and the rooms were so spacious that it accommodated 4 of us.

After we settled down in our rooms, the fun time started. As it was hot outside, we preferred to play indoor games and there were plenty of options such as pool, carom, table tennis, chess, cricket, badminton, volleyball etc.

New folder

After a while we got a call for lunch. The food was delicious.


The lunch got over and our play-time resumed. I played pool for 3hours.

When the sun was setting in the west, we jumped in the pool. There we spent almost 2 hours. Swimming pool, sunset, hot coffee- what else do you need!


As the evening covers up the hills with it’s black stole, the lights of the hills woke up like glowworm. The cool breeze, the sound of water, the lights of the hills accompanied us while we drank coffee.

In a while we got call for dinner. We had Chinese cuisine there. It ended with Icecream.
The plan was that there will be volleyball game after dinner and the guys went according to the plan. In the meanwhile we played badminton.
What I got to know from this team outing is no matter what, our boys can play volleyball till the end of time.
The best part about my team is no matter how little we know someone, the moment we get together it is like old pals are meeting after a while.

The ladies sat with cards and as usual I went to sleep. I should be given an award for being the only person who sleeps in all project events.

I woke up at 9.30am when the resort management called us for breakfast. In breakfast we had options from bread toast to Upma, omelette etc.

Our bags were already packed. After a series of photo session, we bid adieu to everyone and left for home at 11.30 am. We reached by 1pm.


Picture Courtesy: Anupama Singh, Prawal Pratap Singh and Apurva Kalbande

Special thanks to  Niraj and Pankaj who arranged it and to Prawal who encouraged me enough to write about our team events.

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