8 Reasons to Visit Sinhagarh Fort, Pune

Like a crown, Sinhagarh fort is situated on the top of a hill of Bhuleswar range in the Sahyadri Mountains.

Sinhagarh is the Nandi Hills (Bangalore) of Pune: if you are new to Pune, your first trip has to be towards this stronghold. If you haven’t been there yet, here are 8 reasons to visit Sinhagarh. For the rest, this post is quite relatable.


1. Distance
Situated at a distance of 30kms from Pune, it is like a neighbor. Punekars, you can plan a visit to this place on any weekend.
2. View
Do you think you can enjoy this view in reality (not in any digital media) while spending the entire weekend at home?


20150523_0806193. History
This ruined citadel is famous for the “Battles of Sinhagad” that was fought by Tanaji Malusare, a general of Chhatrapati Shivaji of the Maratha Empire against Mughals on March, 1670.

DSC_1030 (1)

This photo is taken by Soham Ghosh

4. Trekking
Trekkers, I have a good news i.e. you can trek all the way from foothills to the top: a distance of 3kms. The first time we went there, we started trekking around 4.30 am and we could enjoy a charismatic first light on our way.20170319_0812035. Vehicle
You can reach the top of the hill via vehicle as well. It is a motor-able path. Remember, you have to be careful while driving on the steep road.IMG_20180106_192039_661

6. Bonus
As bonus point, you cross Khadakwasla Dam on the way. Khadakwasla is the mid-point between pune and Sinhagarh. The cool breeze will wipe away all your tiredness. Also if you have permission, you can go inside DRDO, Pune.


Khadakwasla Dam

7. Photoshoot
I am not a photographer but I have seen people to do pre-wedding photo-shoot there. A great place for shooting.

8.Pocket friendly
If you are going by your own vehicle, it is a pocket friendly, one-day-destination.

Few things to remember:
a. The way towards the fort is precipitous.
b. It is advisable to go there in the morning. As the day passes, blazing sun turns out to be unbearable.
c. After having a toiling journey to the top, hunger will strike. There are many vendors selling Poha, Kandabhajji, chhash etc.
d. If you are planning to trek, keep water with you and wear proper shoes for trekking.
e. Do not forget to take umbrella/cap.


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