Bhuleswar, Pune


Carrying history of 1200 century, Bhuleswar was right there in front of my eyes and I did not see until my mother told me about this place! I get my traits to explore from my parents and Bhuleswar is one of the results. Situated at a distance of 50 kilometers from Pune, Bhuleswar was a treasure trove. It is a Hindu temple situated at Malshiras. Pune-Solapur highway is the way to reach there.


Caution: Unless you are an excellent driver, I would not suggest to drive there. The last 2kilometers of the road was steep. Please keep water and food with you. There was no shop nearby.


We started at 8.20 am and reached within 1.5 hours. There were two tolls on the way. By the time reached, it was already sunny. Situated on the top of a small hillock, Bhuleswar offered a view of summer-dried Maharshtra. The place was less crowded that made it serene. Our sufferings under heat ended the moment we entered in the temple. The temple was made by carving stone causing it to be soothing inside. The temple unfolded beautiful sculptures created in 1200 century.


Originally it was a fort known as Mangalgadh. Now it is of National Importance under the Ancient Monument and Archaeological sites.


The temple is of Shiva, a Hindu God who is the destroyer of Evil and the transformer.


This is the ShivaLingam



Ganapati as remover of obstacles is worshiped widely in Maharashtra. When I heard about the lady form of Ganapati named Ganeshwari is sculpted here, I had no limits of excitement! It can be found on the wall that reminded of Ellora. In the slideshow below, you could find Ganeswari at the left.

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I was mesmerized by the artefacts on passages:

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We often miss to see the beauty in front of us and travel far away. Bhuleswar is such a place that I missed to visit in past 3 years. If you enjoy history in a sculpted form, take half a day and visit this place.

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