South Goa Beaches

This was my 5th time in Goa and in my defense all I can say is when my Company sponsored our hotel stay, I could not afford to miss it. I have been to North Goa, Panjim and extreme North Goa. I have heard about the beauty of South Goa so much that although our hotel was at Panjim for 2 nights and 3 days, I had to taken out one day for South Goa. To be honest Panjim is not an ideal place to stay when you want to travel towards South. Distance becomes an issue.


As we had one day for South Goa, we had to plan it properly. First, among those twenty of marvelous beaches we sorted five. Second, we were 6 people. We booked a cab from Panjim that took Rs. 4500/- (Rs. 750/- each) for 12 hours. Third, we decided to go to the extreme south first.


We had our breakfast and then started around 9.15am.

 Palolem Beach: Our first destination was 70kilometers away from Panjim, Palolem Beach. It took 2 hours. Palolem beach is one of the happening places in South Goa. It has multiple modes of entertainment: restaurants, clubs (like Silent Noise Club), water sports activities etc.


From there we took a boat for Dolphin Sight Seeing and to reach out to Honeymoon Beach.


Monkey Island: On the way we crossed Monkey Island. As the name suggests, the Island is full of Monkeys and we did not stop there.


Dolphin Sight Seeing: We booked an entire boat for 6 people at Rs. 3000/- (Rs. 500/- each).  It was totally worth it because we saw multiple dolphins in a span of 20-25minutes.

Honeymoon Beach: Our next destination after Dolphin Sight Seeing was to Honeymoon beach. The beach was serene and secluded. There is one shop for snacks and beverages. If you want to spend some lone time with your partner, this island is the best place for that.


Butterfly Beach: Butterfly beach totally does justice to the name. The green hillocks expanded in such a way from two sides of the beach that it looks like wings. The water was so deep that the boat could not stop there. There is a way to reach there by trekking.


After coming back to Palolem beach we had our lunch at a shack. What is better than having authentic Goanese food: Fish Curry made with fresh fish from the ocean and Aamchur, Rice and Butter Garlic Prawns.


Agonda Beach: After spending three hours there, we moved towards Agonda Beach. It was 9 kilometers away from Palolem Beach. Agonda beach is completely different from Palolem. It seems time has stopped there and the crowd just vanished. The beach is very clean. The beauty of the beach gets a different dimension as a stream at the end of the beach makes its way to the ocean. Lucky us that we were the only people at the beach that time.


Cabo De Rama Fort: We could not go to this fort due to time crunch, but I would like to suggest you this one. It is said that Lord Rama alongside his wife Sita stayed here during there 4years of exile.

Colva Beach: It took 2 hours to reach our last destination before heading towards hotel. The distance from Agond to Colva was 41 kilometers. We have heard a lot about Colva beach and the place doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get lively crowd, water sports, fancy shacks, shops etc. We found several sea animals lying here and there on the beach. You can feel the Goan vibe in the air.


We left Colva around 7.30pm. Within an hour we reached hotel.

South Goa can not be travelled within a day. We just came across the beaches we wanted to visit. There are many hidden beaches there that can be compared to paradise. I hope this article gives you a brief idea about beaches at South Goa.

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