High on History – Hampi

From the splendor of past to a saddening ending to a place with substantial historical importance- Hampi, the last great Hindu Kingdom in South India, has seen it all. Instead of weed, I got high on History in Hampi. There is a distinct vantage point of Hampi apart from the hippie culture. This post is … Continue reading High on History – Hampi


-"Vasco da Gama has set his foot first here." -"Wait. What?" -"Yeah." To escape the bleak January evenings of Pune, we made a quick weekend gateway plan to Udupi/Udipi, a beach town in Karnataka. Udupi is 60 kilometers away from Mangalore and is 700 kilometers from Pune. The beauty of the journey was some part … Continue reading Udupi/Udipi