RoadTrip to Udaipur-Mount Abu-Ahmedabad.

When life gives you weekends, use these to travel as much as possible. After my best friend, Imda asked me to visit Ahmedabad for the zillionth time, I booked my tickets and started to plan the trip. I did not know an epic road trip was waiting for me. I got a companion from Pune … Continue reading RoadTrip to Udaipur-Mount Abu-Ahmedabad.

Goa-Day 1

How many of you have NOT planned for Goa yet? I guess every one of us has/had this place in our check list at least for once. Being a non-drinker, non-smoker person, what was I doing there? I went there to witness the mesmerizing scenic beauty, to party hard and definitely to try out Goan … Continue reading Goa-Day 1