RoadTrip to Udaipur-Mount Abu-Ahmedabad.

When life gives you weekends, use these to travel as much as possible. After my best friend, Imda asked me to visit Ahmedabad for the zillionth time, I booked my tickets and started to plan the trip. I did not know an epic road trip was waiting for me. I got a companion from Pune … Continue reading RoadTrip to Udaipur-Mount Abu-Ahmedabad.


What do you expect on weekends? 2 days without office/work, sleep till afternoon or other plans. But what if you have to wake up early in the morning to meet office people on Saturday?Frustrating, right? Not for us. At least not on one weekend, 25th March, 2017. Reason? It was our team event at Wildernest … Continue reading Wildernest