Bandel Church and Hoogly Imambara

Apparently good 20+ years in Bengal was not enough time to plan a trip to Bandel Church and Hoogly Imambara! So this one time when I went to hometown, I made a list of places to visit and the oldest Church of the state, West Bengal was one of them. Just a reminder: There are … Continue reading Bandel Church and Hoogly Imambara

Ajodhya Hills, Purulia

Since childhood we have heard this song, "Tu ranga Matir Dashe Jaa" meaning "Go to the land of red soil". It was time for us to visit the land of red soil, Purulia. Even after staying in Bengal for years, it saddens me that how ignorant we are of the scenic pleasure that Bengal has … Continue reading Ajodhya Hills, Purulia