STILL 143!

CHAPTER I: The Official Proposal!
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Finally I got proposed! After being 2 months in relationship, finally he proposed me officially! And trust me, this was the best proposal I have ever had. We were in the Science City, Kolkata. ‘We’ means he and I (the most boring couple, my friends had ever seen because we love to roam around places like Museum, Science City, Library etc!). We were at the place called ‘Mirror Magic’ (now that is truly a magical place for me)! Let me describe it in details. The background was dark! I stood in front of a mirror where multi-coloured tiny bulbs were glittering like stars. Their reflections designed the opposite wall. He stood with thousands of his reflections created by the mirrors around. And suddenly that magical moment of my life reached without giving any notifications! He bent down on his knees and took my hand and kissed it gently! And proposed me softly! OMG! OMG! OMG! It was my dream proposal! I couldn’t look at him! After a while, when I gathered enough courage to look at him, I saw that there were thousands of Ilans (Mr. Ilan Mukherjee) waiting for my reply! What could I say in such a wonderful moment to such an adorable person whom I love a lot but a ‘I love you too’!
Okay! Okay! I know that you guys have no clue what is going on here! Quite normal! So I should start the most amazing story or you can say the ‘Fairy Tale’ (My friends called it) of my life from the beginning!

39 thoughts on “STILL 143!

  1. awesome blossom! I read this before, but ekhane alada ekta moja laglo with all these pictures around!
    khub shundor hoeche! ❤


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