Love Is a Tricky Thing Part-III

5.30 pm. in the Afternoon.

I was studying in my room when I suddenly heard the sound for the 5th time. Now that was annoying. I went outside my house and again, “Kaaauuunnnn”.
I was searching for the source of the sound and then I saw 5 puppies being dragged out of the house situated in front of ours where the mother of those puppies took shelter for the past 10days.
I was not a dog lover but that scene was pathetic. Thankfully their mother was present there. She took them one by one with her mouth and placed them in a hole next to our house. It was a warm place for them. So four were settled. And the last one started the drama!
At first I could not see him. Then I sensed that there was something moving in the drain. It was her tail. Her mother was trying to pull her out of the drain with her mouth. But she did not let her help. She was moving here and there in the drain. And after few trials, Eddie (the mother as we called) brought her out successfully.
Eddie tried to hold her in her mouth like the first four but the puppy was running away from her. We were astonished! Eddie was running after her. Each time Eddie tried to hold her, she was shaking her body so vigorously that Eddie could not hold her much longer.
After few minutes of struggle Eddie finally caught her and took her to the hole. And the moment Eddie took her down she started to cuddle her. Just one minute ago she was running away from her and now she was enjoying the lick of her mother. She was unbelievable!
We named her “Drama Queen” or “DQ”.
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That night 1 am.

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It was raining very hard. I and Didi were very worried for those five pseudo-children of ours. At first we thought that as we had covered them very well and made a house for them, there would not be any problem.
I knew this squeaky sound really well. It was our Drama Queen!
I could not sleep. So I woke Didi up and went outside in search of her with two umbrellas (one broken), a torn towel and a torch.
When we found her, I was almost in tears. Her mother and all other four puppies had gone. She was left all alone in that hole which was then almost filled with rainwater. She was scared, wet and shaking like a leaf.
She was staring at us the way as if she had got her mother. When we went to take her with us her drama started again. The moment Didi approached to her what she preferred to do was jump into that hole again! We facepalmed!
“Kaun kaun kaun…Kaaaauuuunnnnnn…”
No sooner did Didi touch her than she started to shriek so loud that the people who were awake at that time might have thought that we were smacking her. Now we were scared. Because she was not letting us touch her and if we left her, she was going to die.
“You take care of her, I’m going home to bring milk. She needs to drink something.”
“Yes, yes. Come ASAP.”
When I returned I saw DramaQueen had come out and Didi had caught her. Then we took her under a shade of our house. That night we made a house for her with bricks and sacks, cleaned her with that towel, gave the bowl of hot milk and covered her house with that broken umbrella. After keeping her safe we went to sleep.
The next day. 5 pm.

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“How could Eddi leave her! She may be 10-15 days old. She is her child.”, I was quite emotional.
“Yes, I was thinking that too. May be it is not Eddie’s fault. You remember the first time we saw her.”
“Yes. You can be right actually!”
“Her mother wanted to take her but she was going away from her and was crying loudly.”
“You know how moody and Dramebaz she is!”
We were talking in front of her. And DQ was playing in the dirt. I don’t know what kind of fun she got while she played in dirt or took bath at the drains.
“You are a nasty girl and you know that, right?”, I told DQ while she was pampered by Didi.
We noticed one thing that DQ started to squeak the moment she realized she got short shrift from someone who was standing near her. Not only was she moody but also an attention seeker!
She was enjoying the pampering by lying down on the floor and keeping her legs towards the sky. I loved it when she growled while we adored her.

In the meanwhile Eddie came. DQ went to her very happily. But Eddie’s action shocked us. DQ just started to get fed when Eddie left her. DQ ran after her mother but Eddie ran faster and left her child alone once again. We ran to DQ. Didi took her with us. We gave her a bowl of hot milk from home. She started to lick the milk hungrily. This incident was disheartening!
I am still not a dog lover but I found some kind of connection with DQ. I had seen her eyes shone when she looked at me or I adored her. And strangely she stopped squeaking in front of me.
She came to me wagging her tail and licked my nails.
“Aww dear, I love you too.”
That night I did not hear a sound from her. I thought she was okay. The shock came the next morning.
Next morning. 7 am.

“Bunu, wake up! Wake up! There is a bad news! ”, Didi woke me up.
“DrameQueen is no more!”
My heart skipped a beat. It seemed someone punched on my chest so hard that my heart stopped working for few seconds.
“What are you saying?”
“Her dead body was lying near park boundary.”
“No, no. That can’t be true! Please tell me you are lying.”, I broke into tears.
“I’m sorry but it’s true!”, she tried to console me.
“Ohh Sona, why are you crying? She might be sick. Don’t cry. Don’t you two want to see her for the last time? We were going to bury her.”, my mother told us.
“You people go. I can’t see her dead!”, I told them and realized how much I loved her.
“Come with us. You can’t see her again.”, Didi told me.
I wiped my tears and told them, “Okay. I’ll go with you.”
When I went to the park I saw the dead body. It was that brown colored body.
“Ohh! It’s too hard to do!”, I told my Didi and stepped back.

I just started to come home and suddenly I heard,”Kaaaaauuuunnnnn…”
At first I thought I was imagining DQ! And then I realized that my nails were licked! And there was my DramaQueen.
“Ohh… you…you are such a dog! Uff! Where were you? I thought you were dead! Dumbo! Don’t ever do that to me again! I love you a lot!”
I was shouting at her; At the same time I was adoring her! And what did she do?
She was happily lying in the ground spreading her legs towards the sky!

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