Topsy-Turvy: A New Angle (Part2)

In case you have missed the Part 1, here is the link: ____________________________________________________________________________________ “So what did make you call me, Tanoj?” “Can’t I even call you now, Rushana? Do you remember we were friends once?” “Yes. 4 years ago. 4 years can do a lot to 2 people.” Okay. You know how Rushana ignored … Continue reading Topsy-Turvy: A New Angle (Part2)

Topsy-Turvy: When ‘Do Not Contact’ calls (Part1)

“This is getting on my nerves! This is crazy!”, Rushana exclaimed. “Now what?”, Prisha gave her a bored look. Rushana knew the next word would cause a mini bomb blast but then she just had to let it out. As low as possible she uttered, “Tanoj.” To her surprise, Prisha burst out laughing. “Come on … Continue reading Topsy-Turvy: When ‘Do Not Contact’ calls (Part1)

Love Is a Tricky Thing Part-II

“Oye Mohul, assignment karke laya hain na?”, Rishav asked Mohul which means, “Have you done the assignment?” “Yes. Samar is copying. Take it from him.” “Okay. Thank you, brother.” Mohul smiled at Rishav. That is Mohul, the hero of my story. Let me help you to imagine him. From the above conversation you know that … Continue reading Love Is a Tricky Thing Part-II