5 Reasons to Avoid Goa in December-January

Every place wears different attires based on time. The beauty of Western Ghat during rainy season is way more different than the beauty of snow-clad mountains of Himachal during winter. Similarly you get to see a different verse of coastal areas based on when you are visiting the place.

Disclaimer: Only if you want to get barbecued, visit Goa during summer. Until and unless you are attending International festivals there, it is better to avoid Goa during December-January. Why? Here are the reasons that made me think off-season is the best time to visit Goa:

1. Crowd: Do you want to enjoy Ocean or Ocean of people? Choice is yours!


2. Costly: If you are a millennial struggling financially just like me, I do understand you, my friend and my suggestion is that avoid Goa during December-January. You will be paying twice or thrice of the actual price.





3. Unavailability of Hotels: You will experience free magic show!
Checking hotels near the popular beaches.
Refreshes the site.
Sold out!


4. Unavailability of Vehicles: You have to run in the rat race to grab vehicles as soon as you reach there.


5. Peace and Serenity: “Peace”, “Serenity” are myths in the middle of crowd, music and noise that go at the popular beaches.


If you really want to have a nice time in Goa keeping budget in mind, visit in November, February or even in March. If you want to know more about Goa, here are the links of my two more blog-posts:



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