Goa-Day 1

How many of you have NOT planned for Goa yet?

I guess every one of us has/had this place in our check list at least for once.

Being a non-drinker, non-smoker person, what was I doing there?

I went there to witness the mesmerizing scenic beauty, to party hard and definitely to try out Goan dishes.

So when I heard that after Mahabaleswar, Panchgani, Alibag, Kashid, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Lonavala, Khandala, Sinhagarh our next destination was Goa, I kind of jumped out of bed.

We thought a number of times for this trip. We were three girls and three guys. To be honest, I did not actively participate in the planning part but thanks to the others, we went and stayed there in a pretty cheap price. The details are at end of this write up.

When you are in Goa, crazy things happen. I don’t intend to include them. So here I present you Goa through my eyes (in the most revised version).


Anjuna Beach

3rd March, 2016

After having a hectic day at office all of us were tired. Within one hour of our journey, we fell asleep.

The journey was very comfortable and nothing special happened except one small incident.

So I was sleeping like a dead body on two seats. The road was smooth. The bus was running fine. At one point suddenly the driver pulled the break and before I could do anything, I realized my upper body was hanging down the floor and my legs were stuck because Shashi Kant was holding them tightly. After my rescue operation was done by Shubham and Shashi Kant (two of the three guys with us), I swapped my seat and slept peacefully the rest of the night.


4th March, 2016

We booked our hotel near Anjuna Beach. It took almost an hour to reach there from Panaji.

Have a look on the pictures of our hotel:


Poonam Village Resort

That morning waking up in Goa felt very different. When we were entering to New Goa, we could feel the true essence of it. Suddenly the atmosphere around us changed. We were far away from Malls, traffic jam, IT Parks. It felt calm and quite in that morning. The outlook and structure of the houses were different. Somehow that place has managed to retain its Portuguese soul.


Vagator Beach

We were tired, we were hungry. But when we saw the blue water in that pool, we could not wait to jump into it. After spending one good hour there, we thought of going out and having food. In the meanwhile 3 of the group members did the arrangement of 3 scooties in the cost of Rs. 250/- per day per scooty.

As it felt like we were hungry for ages, we went to the first restaurant we saw. I wanted to try local cuisines. That’s why I ordered, Chicken Xacuti and Prawn fried rice. It was mouth-watering.


Then we went to Mapsa market. It was their local market. The sun was on the top of our heads and it was very crowded. So we shopped quickly and decided to come back to hotel. For your information, by Hotel I meant the pool.


In the afternoon we went to Anjuna beach. The entire ocean turned into red during sunset, as if the sea was showing the sun its path back to home. The gentle breeze was playing with our hair and the water with our feet. It was a beautiful place to be. We stayed there for a long time.


That’s me at Anjuna Beach

In the evening we went to Curlies Beach Shack to have evening snacks.


I captured this on the way to Curlies Beach Shack



Curlies Beach Shack at Anjuna Beach



We came back to our rooms just to get ready to party! We went to Tito’s. After entering to this famous nightclub, we went upstairs which was specifically for couples. We danced there crazily for hours.


Tito’s Club

When we came back the clock stroke 1.30 am.


Here are few detailed information of our trip. It may help you to plan yours.

Bus: Neeta Tours and Travels

From Swargate, Pune to Panaji, Goa

Duration: 10 hours (9.30pm to 7.30am)

Ticket Price: Rs.654/- per head. After discount in RedBus Rs 554/-.

App: https://www.redbus.in/


Hotel: Poonam Village Resort, 900meters away from Anjuna Beach

Rooms: We booked two rooms consisted of three beds.

Price:Rs. 345/- per day per room after availing Promos and offers. We were three people per room. So it costed Rs. 115/- per person.

App: goibibo.com


P.S.: We re not photographers. I am barely a blogger. Goa is way more beautiful than I can ever express. Excuse me for that.





7 thoughts on “Goa-Day 1

  1. Hey, you got that hotel at a envious price. Haven’t yet read on your other posts on Goa but I am sure it must have been great. In any case, Goa – with friends – is always awesome. Happy traveling !


  2. Hi Jasodhara,

    That’s a nice writeup indeed. Bumped into this one and the way you have documented the events is commendable.
    Keep writing and travelling, and yes, did you get a chance to go to Aarambol in the extreme north and likewise, the South Goa scenic spots?


    P.S. : If you plan anytime to pay Leh-Ladakh/Manali a visit in the near future, you can go through this article of mine (a similar and detailed account of each and every event and other travel recommendations)


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading it. No, I missed Arambhol and the rest of the beaches in South Goa. We’ll try to cover these beaches next time. 🙂 Yes, I have started to read “Traveler’s Diaries : Leh-Ladakh-Manali”. As soon as I’ll finish reading, I’ll let you know. BTW, nice snaps (they made me to consider a bike ride to Leh-Ladakh). Happy travelling. 🙂


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