Ganapati Festival 2018 in Pune

Ganapati Festival does all the justice when we say that it is the biggest celebration in Maharashtra. For 10 days, all the lanes and localities of Pune are decorated with the vibes of celebration. The roads are decorated with lights and pandals can be spotted in every corner. The celebration of birth of Ganapati, one of the most worshiped Hindu deities, is magnificent.


The view inside pandal

Dagdusheth Ganapati at Laxmi road is the most famous Ganapati temple in Pune and I try to visit it every year during this time. When we planned to go for pandal hopping this year, we did not expect to see 25-30 Ganapati idols on the way to Laxmi road. Some of the Ganapati idols are kept beside each other. So I thought of writing about my visit to Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati and the other idols we saw on the way.



The pandal

Before I start, I would like to say few words: Everyone has rights to have opinion but I try to avoid hurting someone else’s belief. I believe in blending-in as much as possible to enjoy the authenticity of a culture, place and their beliefs. Does it detach me from my root? No. It enriches my soul. When it comes to Ganesh Puja I can totally relate to the excitement of the people because I am from a place where Durga Puja is widely celebrated with same enthusiasm.


Dagdusheth Temple

During these 10 days, the Ganapati idol is moved from the temple and kept on the nearby pandal. You’ll find small vendors, beggars nagging you on the way. If you want to visit this place in peace, I would suggest to go there around 5am like I did 2 years ago. This place is open for 24 hours.

Due to heavy traffic, I would suggest to go by two-wheeler. We parked the bike at a distance of 500 meters from the main road and walked towards our destination. The place was over-crowded. Remember to keep an eye on your belongings. There was a queue that led in front of the Ganapati idol.

After 20 minutes of hustle and bustle, we reached in the front and the mesmerizing Ganesh idol embellished in 40kg gold was visible.


Dagdusheth Ganapati

The pandal was decorated with beautiful chandeliers. I was awestruck by the glitz and enchantment of the place.I can not get over these chandeliers and lamps. Can you?


While coming back, we saw a drama about Shivaji was being performed in front of Shree Kasba Ganapati Temple. This is one of the best parts about festivities: All the preparations for the festival as well as for these performances, rehearsal for weeks, the excitement on the stage as well as in the audience. Until and unless you are a part of it, emotion behind it is difficult to understand.


These are the other pandals and idols we visited on our way:

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Festivals give us joy and hope for a brighter and better future ( and excuses to wear new dresses for girls). One festival ends and we start counting days for the next year. Festivals end but memories retain.


I spotted this cute Hanumanji on the way back.

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